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Biggest Bingo
Our Score7 / 10
Bonus100% up to £100
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To begin with, Biggest Bingo has a whole goodies bag of features that any bingo player would like to check out on a bingo site. This site has much about everything that you would like to see in a bingo site. You are riveted as soon as you open the site page. The interface is chirpy, with bright colors, and there are direct links to all the features that would keep you hooked here. Do not miss out on the progressive jackpot games that are an important part of the site. There are three different kinds of progressive jackpot games to be played, called as the Chatterbox, Young and Wild and Luv2Bingo. Each of these games are played ten times a day, at fixed time intervals, and there is always something interesting going on with them, such as special themes and special prizes.

Okay, now let us talk about the feature that really makes this site unique. This is one of the very few sites on the Internet, for online bingo, that allows you to pre-purchase your bingo cards. Even before the game is scheduled to take place, you can purchase your cards. This is not that unique; but keep reading. These cards which you have pre-purchased can play by themselves! Even if you haven't logged in, the cards will begin playing all by themselves. Even if you lose your connection or simply take a break, the cards will continue playing. And you will not miss out if you win. You will get an email announcing you as the winner of that bingo winner and will ask you to claim your winnings. Isn't this really a cool feature?

Another very interesting thing about Biggest Bingo is the very famous £ 1 million jackpot that is played three times a week, and has a guaranteed payout, which means, someone will definitely become a lucky winner at each million dollar jackpot game. Actually, this is one thing that makes the site so very popular and in demand.

You have both 75 ball and 90 ball bingo versions on Biggest Bingo and that makes this site have universal appeal. You will always feel at home with the site, whatever geographical region you are in, but you need to check your local laws about online gambling. Also, if you want to take a break from the bingo itself, you can take a diversion and play other games such as blackjack, video poker, slots and the large number of instant win games that are present on Biggest Bingo.

The site is very good for graphics and overall playability and has everything that a bingo enthusiast would be looking for. It would be justified to rate it at 7 out of 10 stars.