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When a study was conducted into why people play bingo, it was found that the number one reason was pure entertainment. People are playing bingo simply because of the thrill that it gives them. But, there is one much greater incentive of playing bingo. And that is the money. Bingo payouts have always kept people playing, and that's a fact. Even in today's world of online bingo, where the game is more about chatting and bonding with other bingo players than it is about money, the payouts do have a very important place.
Online Bingo Jackpots
Bingo statistics reveal that 96% of all bingo players have won at some point or other with bingo in their lives. These payouts may not be very large, but they are substantial enough to keep this game in business.

It is actually very difficult to maintain records of how much people have won through bingo games because of the large number of sites that exist. But singular records continue being broken around the world. The following are five of the most exciting winnings that bingo has seen in its history. (It must be noted that recent winnings will be much higher than winnings in earlier times, because of inflation. Hence, most record-breaking wins are of recent years.)

On 28th of January, 2008, a 53 year old grandmother named Christine Bradfield won in excess of £ 1.1 million, which was the platinum prize for the National Bingo Game of the UK played at The Castle Club. She is a resident of Caerphilly County in Southern Wales.

This is claimed to be the biggest bingo jackpot in history. This bingo jackpot is played in a total of 470 clubs across UK and that makes it the biggest jackpot in UK. However, it is quite possible that this jackpot is also the biggest jackpot all over the world. At least, the prize won by Christine Bradfield is quite certainly the biggest payout bingo has ever made to a single individual.

The winnings overall of online bingo sites cannot be estimated or studied clearly because there are as many as sixty million players who log on to bingo sites and play. The US, where bingo is heavily restricted, still has 50,000 bingo halls. But bingo is quite big in the UK. The biggest prize money winners have been from the UK. In US terms, the highest value of bingo jackpot made from an online bingo site is around $1.96 millions and there are challengers for this astounding sum all the time.

There is certainly no doubt that as online bingo becomes bigger and bigger and more players spend their time on these sites, the payouts will increase. Bingo will keep on making jackpot history for several centuries to come.