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Dream Bingo
Our Score8 / 10
Bonus100% up to £100
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There are many things that will grab your attention as soon as you visit the Dream Bingo site. First, the website itself looks very colorful and pleasant; it has a very gamey look about it. In addition, there's a progressive bingo counter at the top of the site. Also, you will see that Dream Bingo is not just about bingo. The site has an option to play as many as thirty interesting casino games. These games include all time favorites such as slots, blackjack, poker, roulette and several more.

Dream Bingo has both 90 ball as well as 75 ball bingo versions, with the 75 ball bingo getting added later on. One thing interesting about playing bingo on Dream Bingo is that you do not have to restrict yourself to these conventional versions of the game. You can play several innovative varieties of bingo here too, such as the progressive jackpot games. You will also find promotional games being put up here from time to time. Winning these games can give you some extra prize money.

One of the most interesting things on Dream Bingo is the chat community out there. You will find that this is not just any ordinary kind of chat people, these people are bubbly and vivacious and keep the spirits high throughout. There are three chat rooms to choose from, according to your preferences and the mood you may have at the time. The chat is a lot about bingo, where people discuss their own bingo experiences and give ideas about their own special tips and strategies to others. These chats are moderated and the moderators themselves keep the banter on, but enforce the rules too. It is definitely a very good places for new players to hang out, because they can learn a lot of things about how bingo is played by the hardcore players of the world.

On the technical front, the software that runs Dream Bingo is the highly hyped Microgaming Software, which has really lived up to its hype. In fact, Dream Bingo was the first website to use this software. This software makes playing the game a breeze. The game is a completely browser based game, which means, you do not need to download any software to play this game. This certainly makes the game much more convenient and your computer is saves from the additional space that downloadable games require.

We were highly impressed with the way that Dream Bingo plays. The chat room is a rare treat and it certainly is a main feature of the bingo experience on this site. It is highly justifiable to give Dream Bingo 8 out of 10 stars for making a wonderful bingo site available for passionate players of bingo.