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Online bingo has really become a very popular way of entertainment. Something that has more than six million people of the world hooked to it cannot be taken slightly, can it? It is true that online bingo is one of the top-ranking forms of entertainment for people around the world today, but what makes it so very popular? Of course, the game itself is highly engrossing. Different forms of bingo have existed in the world since over five hundred years. In each era, their popularity has only increased. Bingo is also a very laidback game. You do not need to use your intelligence, you do not have to exert your body, but the excitement that you get from the game is immeasurable. It is really no wonder why this game is so popular.
Bingo Deposit Information
And to add to its popularity, online bingo provides so many incentives like deposit bonuses. If you want to play bingo, you need to have bingo cards. However, in the beginning, the bingo sites will provide you with a small sum of money to play with. This is called as a signup bonus. The signup bonus amount varies from one site to another.

When you make your first deposit on your online bingo account, the bingo site will match it up with a bonus. This bonus is usually in percentages of what you are depositing. If you deposit £20 and if the site will match up your deposit with a 300% bonus, then that means, you get £60 from the site. Added to your £20, you have an amount of £80 in your account now.

There are different forms of deposit bonuses, but that depends on the percentage with which they will match up the amount you put in. Some sites will match up your deposit with a 100% bonus, while some will also go up to 500%. Since this is basically a method of promotion, the possibilities are limitless. Also, you must remember that the sites will always have a maximum cap beyond which they will not give you bonuses. If the site has a cap of £100 for bonuses, and if you deposit £120, then you will be matched up for the £100 that is within the range according to the percentage they are providing you the bonus at, but you will not get bonuses on the rest £20.

Different sites have different deposit options and bonuses, but there is no reason why you should not take advantage of them. After all, for a small deposit, you are getting a very healthy sum to play bingo with!