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Paddy Power Bingo
Our Score9.1 / 10
Bonus200% up to £200
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In many ways, Paddy Power Bingo is much superior to other bingo portals on the Internet. It has everything that you would expect from a bingo site and more.

There are many things that can make your eyes pop out in surprise – pleasant surprise – but the first thing that will grab your attention is definitely the large amount of features and game options that are present on the site.

You can use an auto daub feature if you choose, and you can choose its color and shape, you can get particular cards highlighted, you can get the site to sort your best cards, you can turn off the sound and you can do a lot at adjusting the general graphics quality on the site.

Something that really transforms casual visitors into customers for this site is the awesome prizes that the site gives out. Not many bingo sites will give away a Chevy Aveo as a prize, but this one does! What about free flights for a year? Or VIP passes to a concert? Or free bingo tickets for a year that may bring in more prizes like these? Paddy Power provides all such things as prizes.

Another mentionable feature is the chat availability. There are almost always people present on the Paddy Power community chatting away about everything bingo and even several things that are not bingo. If you are a newbie, you can get a lot of tips and strategies by chatting with these people. And if you are a pro, you can have a whale of a time chatting with people and distributing your knowledge among them.

There are several other chat games that you can play on this site too, which is predominantly a bingo site, by the way. These chat games include dodge ball, bongo and mirrors. But that is certainly not all, because you can play other non-chat games too. These include roulette, video poker, keno, slots and craps. In fact, most people just keep the automatic daubing feature on so that they can simply concentrate on the chatting and let the game play all by itself!

Paddy Power supports both 75 Ball as well as 90 Ball Bingo. There are no downloads required; you can play from the browser itself. The graphics are enticing, they are enough to get you hooked to the game and at the same time they do not detract from the gaming experience. The playability is very simple to master; you can get going within minutes of launching the game. The game accepts currencies only in UK pounds.

Paddy Power is located in Dublin and its Bingo games are regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Control Commissioners. They ensure you get a clean and a safe game.

Paddy Power wins 9.1 out of 10 stars on our review list.