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Party Bingo
Our Score0 / 10
Bonus200% up to £100
With Bonus Codepound100

Going by the name, Party Bingo creates the impression of being a very fun bingo site. The site is actually quite good, but there is no actual reason why the site should be any different from the dozens of other bingo sites on the Internet. That said, Party Bingo is a good enough bingo site that does not leave you wanting (if you are a deposit making member, read on).

To get the £100 Bonus on sign up just enter the Party Bingo Bonus Code: pound100 when you register your user.

The site predominantly is for playing bingo, but it does allow you to play some other casino games too. You can play slots and poker and some other games. Also, though this is a European bingo site, you can play both 90 ball and 75 ball bingo versions. This makes the Party Bingo site quite a diversified affair which you should clearly enjoy.

What sets this site apart is that fact that it has been up and running since 11 years, which is saying too much. You can really trust this site, and it is quite secure. The company that owns this site, Party Gaming, is listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2005 too. Hence, one thing you must know about this site is that Party Bingo is not a newbie bingo site that is trying to cash in on the online bingo craze. There's a lot this site can offer the bingo site out of its experience.

There are many promotional games that you can participate in too. This makes almost everyone on Party Bingo a winner! In the past there have been promotions such as Near Miss Winners, Daily Specials, Lucky Number and Team Bingo, and quite a few of them are regulars even now. And, speaking of winners, there are jackpot games on the site that go on to an awesome tune of $100,000! There a progressive jackpot games too, where the jackpot amounts progressively go on increasing (there's a counter where you can see how much the current jackpot is!).

Party Bingo really knows how to keep their players hooked. You must really check out their loyalty points method. Each time you play on Party Bingo, you get some loyalty points, which allow you to play still more games on the site. What's best is that people who play with the loyalty points on Party Bingo get to play for free, but can still keep the winnings they earn!

Another important feature is that there is live chat support for the entire site. Also, though there is a downloadable version, you can play through the software on the site too. It can play directly from the site through with flash animation.

Party Bingo is a very good site and we truly recommend it to all players. We accord it 0 out of 10 stars.