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Virgin Bingo
Our Score8.3 / 10
Bonus100% up to £125
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Virgin is a very recognizable name in the field of entertainment and it is quite expected that there would be a lot of curiosity about their bingo portal. So how does the Virgin Games Bingo portal match up with people's expectations? Let's check out.

When you play bingo online, the first thing that becomes important is the interface of the game. You do not need to squint, peer, pore or whatever else to check out the numbers on your tickets. This is not needed on Virgin Games Bingo at all because the interface is quite friendly. Numbers are announced verbally as well as flash on the screen and if you want you can use the auto dauber feature to make your play easier. Incidentally, most people here play with the auto dauber feature on because then they can participate in the very lively chat that goes on within this online community. You can choose between different rooms (they open in different windows), you can make friends and you can block people you don't want to chat with. But what makes chat more interesting is the kind of people that are present on it. On that count, Virgin Games Bingo wins hands down, because the people here are always quite lively and make for good communication.

The software for the game is provided by Parlay Entertainment and as usual there's nothing lacking in the quality. You will find both the versions – 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo – quite easy to play and quite entertaining. No complaints there! The portal has other games from Virgin too. These games are developed by a Gibraltar based company known as St. Minver.

There is a very great range of other games that you can play through Virgin Games Bingo. This is exciting because people would like to play games other than bingo too. Some of these other games are video poker and slots, both of them with several variations and a lot of prizes involved. There is a host of chat games too, which you can find in the various chat rooms that this site has. A very popular chat game is the Blackjack Bingo, and another is very interestingly called Run for the Money.

Virgin Bingo also has a loyalty program. Players get points for the cards that they buy on the site, and these points can be used to play more bingo games.

Since there are winnings involved, it is necessary to look into security. The site does not allow any player to have more than one account. The Thawte 128 bit Security Certificate is used to make the player feel more secure.

On a ratings list for bingo portals, Virgin Bingo would certainly stand tall at 8.3 out of 10.